The most romantic cities in Europe every couple should visit

The most romantic cities in Europe every couple should visit

Europe has some of the most attractive destinations in the world. When visiting as a couple, there is no shortage of romantic cities in Europe which you can visit. When planning a romantic vacation in Europe, you have tons of options. Over the years, these cities have got an iconic status which has made them famous all over the world.


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The river Danube dissects Budapest. The various monuments here are the testament to its rich history. The city is near many hot springs which make for a great tourist attraction when looking for something romantic. It has many intimate cafes where you can spend some quiet time with your partner. The river promenade is one of the most beautiful places in the city. When you look at the skyline, it is nothing short of a fairytale. You can walk along the iconic streets or view the romantic sunsets. The options are plenty. If you as a couple are looking to rejuvenate your romance, it is one of the perfect cities in Europe to do so.


Paris is known as the city of love. That is why; it is not a surprise that it is on this list. The best way to experience Paris is to head over to the Eiffel Tower. Not only, can you take a glimpse of the entire city but also enjoy the moment with your partner. If you’re planning a romantic day in Paris, the best way to do so is to wake up and go to the Palace of Versailles. You can explore the vast grounds or grab a cup of coffee from the numerous cafes on offer.

The city also houses the wall of love. You can grab lunch and head over to the city park to view the wall of love. If you’re looking for spending some quiet time with your partner while seeing some magnificent landscapes, you can head over to Montmartre. It not only offers some gorgeous views of the city but you can view the local paintings and artwork. You can finish it off with a dinner cruise in the Seine. When in Paris, there are numerous things which you can do to rekindle your romance.


Many people might not even consider Dublin when planning a romantic vacation in Europe. The truth is, this is a big mistake. It is one of the beautiful cities in Europe. Moreover, no matter which part of the city you stay in, there are always restaurants and bars around. If you’re looking to go on a relaxing, romantic break with your partner, Dublin is a pretty good option. You can explore the city with the help of walking tours which include some of the most iconic structures like Dublin Castle, Dublin Zoo, the National Gallery of Ireland.

You can then head over to Temple Bar which houses many of the most iconic bars and pubs in Dublin. If you enjoy the nightlife as a couple, there are quite a few pubs which you can visit in the evening. The quiet little streets along with cafes and an iconic skyline make it the most romantic places in your home.


Vienna is the capital of Austria. The city is relatively unexplored by tourists. Its underrated beauty and the unique cafe culture make it one of the best options when looking for a vacation. The iconic structures and old school charm of the city can make you fall in love with it. It has numerous coffee shops which allow you to spend some quiet time with your partner.

You can explore the city by walking around instead of taking any expensive transportation. You can head over to Figlmuller to enjoy dinner and explore the Christmas markets when visiting in the winter. Schonbrunn Palace is the perfect attraction to explore with your partner. You can experience the adrenaline rush when you head on to the Ferris wheel at Prater. If your idea of a romantic excursion is to be close to nature, you can head over to Schmetterlinghaus which offers you butterflies, waterfalls, and ponds. Thus, instead of visiting the most famous and crowded places in Europe, it is the right decision to visit Vienna.


Amsterdam is one of the most liberal places in Europe. It has a vibrant nightlife scene and over 150 canals in which you can sail. You can easily walk the bridges or watch the sunset over the skyline. The options are numerous. You can visit the Rijksmuseum to catch up on some of the most iconic paintings. It when in Amsterdam, you can shed your inhibitions and enjoy a great time with your partner. Not only it is beautiful, but the freedom and the liberal nature of the city can make your vacation even more special.


The canals and the architecture especially, which have received detailed coverage in film are often enough to want to go there for a romantic trip. There are, however, lots of different ways to get the most out of this Italian jewel and the ocean around it, and not just for newly married couples.

The excellent food is a big draw for visitors, especially in the presence of architectural marvels in places like the Piazza di San Marco. You might visit Venice for its romantic feel, historical offerings, or just because culture saturates this fantastic city. The best part is that one can visit everywhere by walking, by taking a canal cruise, or visiting the many museums. Add a tour of the markets and you and your mate will enjoy the perfect romantic trip.


A whole world with their amazing past and present, with its centuries-old traditions and culture. This is a vacation from the daily hustle and new experiences, nature and architecture, fogs and romance, ancient castles of England and Scotland. This tour will give you a romantic meal by candlelight in the hotel restaurants, champagne in the room, travel to cities throughout the country and many more interesting events that are a pleasure to experience together with your loved one. A romantic trip to Scotland – a special, or an incomparable pleasure.


The Greek cities have always been a popular getaway option for couples especially when they are planning for their honeymoon in Europe. However, Santorini is among a few destinations in the Greece that is famous among not only the newlywed couples but also for the love birds who have been facing all the highs and lows of the life for a long time. The spellbinding view of the sunset from the highlands of the Santorini is sufficient to give you a dreamy experience and enjoy your romantic getaway to the fullest without being worried about the surroundings. The awesome hospitality of the Santorini have been quite popular these days and can offer you a stay filled with loads of pampering and delighting experiences.

So, if you’re looking to plan a romantic trip to Europe, these are the top cities which you should consider. Each of them has a unique nature of its own and can make your vacation special. It is time to speak with your partner to plan a trip to these romantic cities in Europe today.

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