Are you a blogger? Have you launched your blog yet?

How long before you have launched your blog?

Do you get Google Adsense approval?

What about your affiliate program is?

Do you like Amazon Associate? Does your account have there?

Yes, new bloggers like Amazon products.

Are you a freelance writer?

Did you create an eBook or Course on your niche?

Maybe, your blog is well-organized with all possible monetization methods. Well done.

Now, exactly where do you stick with? Don’t have traffic?

Your blog has enough traffic but not convert to lead?

Or in social media, no view, like, comment and share, which one?

Did you check your writing skill ever?

Did you check your post quality?

Do you have SEO strategies idea?

My above question is not for gossiping with you. To identify what you have done or what you have not done yet. If you have done the above all accurately and timely, thereafter you can’t monetize your blog as a new blogger.

These days, new bloggers are far from blogging master rule. They are moving outside of blogging root. After setting up all monetizing system, they wait or check daily how much commission pouring into their account.

Blogging is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and simple.

Blogging is for helping people. Blogging is not a business. Blogging is for a business. Be generous. Help people. Do in-depth research on your niche and find out niche people problem.

Create a blog post with best, unique and specific solution intent audience need. Publish the post nobody else could create it before. Only for people help with no return, even no like, comment, and share.

Why? you will help people with no return.

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How can you earn?

Here is the myth that you have to learn.

When you have launched a blog with the best SEO organized. If you don’t select a particular zone, it is moving to impress all over the world. See my new blog moving over the World.

How to monetize new blog faster

People don’t make a relationship with a stranger or newcomer willfully. If people stuck with any problem, then you would give the solution, though you are a newcomer, they will close to you with a confusion whether what your intention.

If your intention is only for people help, nothing hidden behind it, this is a chance to close each other and introduce them.

Thus, they start to recognize you, like you. When you are helping them continuously with no return, they will wait for your new post, give like comment and share. After that, a trustworthy relationship is growing up. They will eagerly wait to get a chance to help you.

This was the blogging master rule. But people forget it. Now new bloggers are far from the root. You can widen your horizon worldwide, and your credibility will increase over the world.

  1. You feel generous.
  2. Improve your exposure.
  3. Encourage readers to trust you.
  4. Motivate readers to follow you.
  5. Develop your blog community on your niche.
  6. Attending you encourages high-level bloggers.
  7. Roll you up in blogging circles
  8. Display you genuinely know your stuff
  9. Stick aligned with your blog niche
  10. Make yourself as highly professional on your niche.

Thus, a monetization real basement you will find. Monetization really is not so hard if you follow the right direction. Easily you can realize how can monetize your bog. Not need to ask elsewhere.

How can you build a monetization basement?

You help people for free. Helping them patiently and persistently. Thus, you will be able to uncover the secret to monetizing as a new blogger.

Being generous, new bloggers builds their reader audience slowly but steadily.

What Does it Mean to Be Generous?

You are helping people freely, keep greater exposure online and more trust. Connect a bigger and loyal blogger friend network. All these together with leading to the greater blog monetizing potential.

As a result of which, being generous is the #1 blog monetizing tip.

Find out audience problem, writing solution from today; not tomorrow. Don’t a setback; holding back is being selfish, not being generous. Being selfish eats into your monetizing possibility because each time you hold back, monetizing possibility will be held back from you.

The excellent way to monetize your new blog is to give away your experience freely.

New bloggers focus on revenue streams. Need to focus on being generous. Share your expertise freely. Be helpful. Don’t hold back. Design the foundation for a profitable monetizing campaign.

How to monetize new blog faster

I mean to be generous. Truly generous! You appear to be throughout the world because you are generous.

No focus on the revenue stream, people see you. Your generosity, your eagerness to share your learning freely, puts it all into motion.

You have new ideas; share them immediately via a blog post or video or guest post. The revenue channels involve little. Your generosity matters much.

People follow your blogs because people see that you know how to help them, increasing your credibility.

That means you better begin being supergenerous today, right now. Write and publish a blog post. Share your knowledge freely.

Blogging is not a business. Blogging is for a business. Blogging is for building a community. The blog post makes them active, engaged, keep them happy through helping the audience problem and meet their urgent need.

Don’t write whatever you like. Do in-depth researches about figure out people urgent painful problems. Write the post solving their unique and specific solution. A loyal audience will grow up that will be a strong basement doing business.

If you fail to understand the theme and try to make a plan on how to monetize your blog from the beginning without having a loyal audience around your blog. It will be time wasting, money wasting, and energy loss. You can’t expect anything else.

Take a plan for three months. Write 200 articles on solving the problem of your audience intent. Don’t move aside, keep aligned to blog title and niche. Don’t write what you like, writes what people want.

After three months, you will see on your own. How are your worldwide position and potential business sources?

Before starting this blog, I was waiting for three months. I have found 90% of affiliate marketers are failures.

Look at my LinkedIn profile, I have published there around 20 articles on why they are failing. I was surprised to see the effect of 20 articles. Each article was average 3000 words that mean 60,000 words 20 articles I published LinkedIn for free or helping people with no return. I also share all posts to my Facebook timeline, page, own group. And I have joined niche related 100 groups. I was sharing those articles in these groups one after one.

My profile view is increasing and friend request coming related to my niche persistently. Now I am enjoying an audience from there. For traffic source, I have chosen Pinterest. But till now FB traffic is better than Pinterest. This is the effect of 20 articles with around 60,000 words.