New bloggers, who are not alluring with the word Passive Income?

Passive income is a very powerful and engaging word in blogging channel.

A group of blogger experts is offering passive income by the secret method or automation software.

New bloggers are pursuing passive income! They think, just build a blog and traffic generated by automation, a simple task, cut the ripen grain and bring to the own store-roam.

Definition of Passive income, I found a distinct meaning from the various angle on the web.

For new bloggers, those are estimating the word meaning is almost dangerous. They come with the hope of passive income in the blogging community.

Their assumptions are…

  1. It is easy and simple to earn passive income.
  2. No need too much skill and efforts.
  3. Blogging is for quick earning passive income.
  4. Everybody can do this.
  5. They can earn passive income while sleep or travel.
  6. Blogging is for quick rich overnight.
  7. The website alone does whatever need for passive income.
  8. No need money to invest or need a few invest.
  9. Easily get financial freedom.
  10. Enjoy gorgeous lifestyle.

These are quite shocking. Now, it is essential to disclose the myths of passive income for new bloggers.

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Blogging is the right way of earning passive income. But you are not fit for passive income as a new blogger. Many new bloggers are impatient and give up it. Lost bloggers often looking for passive income thinking blogging earns money on its own, no need efforts from the blogger.

If you struggle at blogging for years, developing passive income blogging, you can live in a Star Wars, and it is ok. Success bloggers mess up months to years of patients, persistent, huge creating and connecting on.

After countless efforts in the time over 5-10 years, one can hope passive blogging income. One day, you may be like that but for now, it makes more sense to pass through the path of least struggle.

Passive income just means you have a possibility to earn around the clock through certain income streams. Passive income does not indicate you earn money through certain income-flow by doing nothing. Nothing truly happens about passive, when you think the idea you mean.

Over the next 6 months…

  1. Can you write 300 articles and publish?
  2. Can you read and really comment on hundreds of blog posts?
  3. Can you promote other bloggers on your blog and with social media?
  4. How much writing skills you have burning thousands of hours?
  5. How much blogging skills you have burning thousands of hours?
  6. How much wide your blogging range and connection with?
  7. How many self-publish eBooks and create courses you promote them?
  8. How many hour efforts you put with the patient and persistent?
  9. How many more trustworthy audience you have?
  10. How many domain authority blogs you have?

Blogging tips for new blogger myths of passive income.

The passive income flow itself is almost useless, particularly for unskilled, miserly, isolate bloggers. Success is closer than you think with unrealistic hope without burning a part of your life in blogging.

Passive income can be an amazing addition to your business.

One solid source of income is all you need. Pursuing a dream of generating passive income isn’t always easy. Create passive income in the right way. You have to choose the right vehicle.

A website alone isn’t going to be enough for potential customers to find you. Passive income still requires an active presence. You need to provide a high level of value and support.

You only need a single weekend to get started. You can set it and forget it. Creating something quality takes time – months or even years – not just a couple of days.

How many hours will it take to creating the content? What is that time value, use your hourly rate?

Successful blogging will require a huge investment of your time, money and energy to create a high-quality offering that truly delivers the experience, support, and results your customers are looking for.

Don’t desire for financial independence, intend for financial self-confidence. Financial self-confidence means knowing you have the experiences and the capacity to make money anytime, anywhere, not considering market conditions.

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Thousands of entrepreneurs around the world are blindly chasing financial freedom.

All search engines algorithm is changing unevenly. You keep updating your blog accordingly.

Help people. Make you a difference. If you accept this mindset, you will certainly achieve the goal.

The audience is the top secret of ‘online make money’ business. You need a trustworthy audience behind your blog to be a success. Building an audience and make them loyal is a hard and time-consuming job. Bloggers earn from them.

You can’t hope to earn from all people over the world. New bloggers can’t realize the blogging earning-theme easily and quickly.

Creating high-quality contents you mean eye-catching decorated blog post. You think you create content and people randomly read and be pleasant and keep trust with you. The beginner can’t understand the audience urgent need and write their solution.

Their big mistake, traffic means sales. But the blog has more traffic but no sale. Where is the problem and how can solve it?

How can you convert traffics to leads and sales?

How to handle market competition? Why people come to you leaving others?

These above are big blogging hassles. You need deep experience to manage them.

Be basic. Keep basic. Everything is simple when you follow the right business strategies. Your persistent efforts and patient elevate you up timely.

Identify your target audience, find their need and solve their problem with no return. This is a blogging master rule. If you are lucky, you can understand this. Otherwise not.